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View and Print Town Tax Maps

Town Tax Maps

Tax Map

The Town offers the ability to download, view, and print Standard Tax Maps online.  To view or print the maps, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  To download a free copy of Adobe Reader link to the Adobe Reader Download page.

How To View a Map

The tax maps are organized by a three digit Map Sheet Number.  These numbers are used for the pdf file names.  To identify the appropriate pdf file for the map sheet you require, follow the following steps:

    1. Open the Index Map.
    2. Locate the area you are looking for and make a note of the associated three digit map sheet number.
    3. Close the Index Map file.
    4. Using the Map Sheet Number, open the corresponding map file from the list below.

If you do not know the specific location of the area you are looking for, you can begin by searching the Town Assessing records.  This online resource allows you to search by Last Name, Account Number or Street Address.  Please note, the maps are current as of April 2010 and therefore the Last Name may not be the most reliable search criterion.  The search results will display the corresponding three digit Map Sheet Number necessary to select the appropriate pdf file from the list below.

Link to Harris Computer to search assessment, commitment and tax records

How to Print a Map or a Portion of a Map

To print an entire page, use the Adobe Acrobat Reader print function.  Ensure "Fit to Printable Area" is selected as the Page Scaling option. Click "Print".

To print a portion of a map, use the zoom tool in Adobe (the magnifying glass) to zoom into the area you wish to print.  Click the Abobe print icon.  In the screen that opens ensure the "Current view" and "Fit to Printable Area" options are selected. Click "Print".

NOTE:  These instructions are for current versions of Adobe Reader. If you have an early version, we recommend updating your software using the link above.

Questions or map correction requests can be directed to the Town Office Assessor’s Clerk.


Standard Tax Maps

Current to April, 2015



Map 101 Map 212 Map 229
Map 102 Map 213 Map 230
Map 103 Map 214 Map 231
Map 104 Map 215 Map 232
Map 105 Map 216 Map 233
Map 106 Map 217 Map 234
Map 201 Map 218 Map 235
Map 202 Map 219 Map 236
Map 203 Map 220 Map 237
Map 204 Map 221 Map 238
Map 205 Map 222 Map 239
Map 206 Map 223 Map 240
Map 207 Map 224 Map 401
Map 208 Map 225 Map 402
Map 209 Map 226 Map 403
Map 210 Map 227 Map 404
Map 211 Map 228 Map 405





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