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Beth Smith, Assessing Clerk

Scope of Services

The Assessors are responsible for ascertaining and listing all taxable property within the Town as of April 1st of each year, valuing taxable property according to its “just value,” and assessing each taxpayer his or her fair proportion of school, county, and municipal taxes.

The only way in which this tax burden can be fairly distributed is for the Assessors to attempt to discover all taxable property within their municipality and to value all property fairly.

The elected Select Board also serves as the Board of Assessors.  An Assessors’ Agent, certified by the State of Maine, assists the Board of Assessors in performing the duties and responsibilities provided for assessors under general law.  

Some local deed information, property descriptions, property sales data and other real property data are available at the Town Office. 

The Town tax maps are now online and can be found in the tab "Online Services".

Service Specific


2017 Real Estate Taxes
The 2017 real estate taxes will have 2 due dates.  They will be September 30, 2017 and March 31, 2018.


2017 Real Estate Tax Commitment

On July 24, the Select Board approved setting the 2017-2018 tax rate at $8.70. 


Property Tax Abatement Procedures

If you think that your property has been over-valued for property tax purposes, there are steps you can take to have the valuation reviewed and request that your property value be reduced and, therefore, your taxes reduced (abated).


    1. File an Application for Abatement of Property Taxes with the Town of St. George before January 25, 2017.  Click here to download the application or pick up  a form at the Town office.
    2. If your request is denied by the town, you may file an appeal with the Knox County Commissioners within 60 days of the date you were notified that the town denied your request.
    3. If the county denies your appeal, you may file an appeal with the Superior Court within 30 days of the date the county denied your application.

You must provide data that will show the reviewers how you arrived at your conclusion that your property is over-valued. Two steps you can take are:

    1. Review the property card that the town maintains on your property to ensure that the data the town has on file is accurate.
    2. Review the town valuation book to compare your property valuation to similar properties.

In addition to valuation corrections and abatements, the Town may make property tax abatements for any person by reason of infirmity, or poverty in the judgment
of the Town officers deem unable to pay the taxes due and for certain military veterans, widows and surviving children of qualified veterans. 

For information regarding tax relief programs administered by the State of Maine Income/Estate Tax Division, please visit the Maine Revenue Services web page


Data and Statistics - 2015 and 2016


  Taxable real estate


  Taxable personal property
  Property Tax Rate
  Homestead Exemptions
  Value of Homestead Exemptions
  Parcels classified under Forest Land
  Acres classified under Forest Land
  Value of classified Forest Land
  Parcels classified under Farm & Open Space
  Acres classified under Farm & Open Space
  Value of land classified under Farm & Open Space
  Parcels classified under Working Waterfront
  Acres classified under Working Waterfront
  Value of land classified under Working Waterfront
  Value of exempt property
  Certified assessment ratio
  State Valuation
  Taxable Land area
14,674 acres
14620 acres
  Number of land parcels




Applications & Forms

Visit the Applications page to view and print the following: 

  • Abatement Application
  • Farmland Classification Application
  • Homestead Exemption Application
  • Open Space Classification Application
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax Form and Instructions
  • Tree Growth Classification Application
  • Veterans Exemption Application
  • Widow, Widower, Minor Child or Widowed Parent of Veteran Exemption Application
  • Working Waterfront Land Application

Documents & Ordinances

Visit the Documents page to view the following:

  • Maine Municipal Association's Assessing Manual
  • Real Estate Reports

Tax Payer lists and Tax Maps are available at the Town Office for a fee.

Online Services

Assessing Data Base – Hosted by Harris Corp

Town Tax Maps

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