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For emergency search and rescue dial 911

David Schmanska, Harbor Master

Coast Guard Stations:
Rockland Phone:  596.6667 (If east of Marshall Point)
Boothbay Phone: 633.2661 (If west of Marshall Point)

Maine Marine Patrol (ME State Police)

Phone: 1.800.452.4664

Army Corps of Engineers
Phone: 623.8367
Fax: 623.8206
675 Western Ave. #3, Manchester, ME 04351

DEP Overboard and Boat Pump-out
Program Coordinator, Pam Parker
Phone: 287.7905
Fax: 287.7191

Scope of Services

The Harbor Master is responsible for the administration and enforcement of mooring and dockage privileges for boats and vessels, harbor management and planning, education regarding safe and legal boating, and emergency search and rescue operations.

Public Landings

The Town of St. George has two public landings:

  1. Tenants Harbor, accessed from Commercial Street.  Follow Main Street (Route 131) south.  Turn left on Commercial Street.
  2. Port Clyde, accessed from Cold Storage Road.  Follow Port Clyde Road (Route 131) south into the village. Turn right on Cold Storage Road. 

Public Landing Map
View in Google Maps

Mooring Fees

Are due annually by January 31st. Fees not paid before May 1 will double, and if fees remain unpaid as of June 1, you may lose mooring privileges and gear. Please stop in or call the Harbor Master if you have any questions or comments.

Fees are subject to change.

Annual Permit Fee Schedule:
Resident Recreational, $20 Non-Resident Recreational, $100 Rental, $75
Resident Commercial, $15 Non-Resident Commercial — $75 Service, $20
Permit Application Fee, $50 (one time, non-refundable) 




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Documented Vessel Excise Tax

According to MRSA Title 36, Section 1504 (8), the Excise Tax on Documented Vessels must be paid by July 1st of each year. Failure to pay this tax may result in liens being placed on any and all of your real properties within Knox County.

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Boat Trailer Registration

New: New boat trailer registrations are done at the Motor Vehicle Bureau in Rockland.

Contact: 596.2255

Renewals: Renewals can be done at the Town Office if you bring in last year's registrations. You have a choice to register for either 1 or 2 years.

On-line Services: Non–excise taxable trailer Registration renewals are available though the State of Maine Online Services.

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Boat Registration

New: Boat registration can be done at the Town Office. Please bring the bill of sale and Maine registration numbers (if already on boat and previously registered in Maine by prior owner).  State sales tax on purchase price will be collected on private sale. Dealerships collect sales tax at time of purchase and provide you with a Dealer's Certificate. You will need to bring this at the time of registration.

Renewals: Excise is computed on boat's age, length, and engine horsepower. The Inland Fisheries fees are now also based on the horsepower of the motor.
All Boat Registrations EXPIRE ON DECEMBER 31.

Renewals On-line Service: Visit the Boat Registration Renewal page for information on how to complete your renewal online.

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Harbor Committee

Members Term Expires
Joshua Miller, Chair 2017
Daniel Morris 2018
Glenn Hall 2019
Michael Cushman 2019
Richard Vermuelen 2018
Ben Norton, Alternate 2017
William Mroz, Alternate 2017


The Board studies and evaluates public and private usage of, and access to, all coastal waters, which include, but are not limited to harbors, mooring areas, non-mooring areas, anchorage areas, non-anchorage areas and all coastal shorelines that comprise the municipality of St. George.

Board responsibilities include:

  • Planning for access to and the future use of the Town coastal waters
  • Proposing regulations or ordinances concerning the Town coastal waters
  • Monitoring the enforcement of coastal waters rules, regulations and ordinances, and the maintenance and care of Town-owned and/or administered waterfront facilities
  • Advising the Select Board on policy matters that may directly or indirectly affect the coastal waters and waterfront facilities of the Town
  • Regularly informing the Select Board of its activities, as well as other appropriate groups, boards, Committees and officials of the Town.

The Coastal Waters Management Board consists of five voting members with staggered three-year terms. Two alternate members are appointed for one year terms. The Coastal Waters Management Board performs duties prescribed by law, Town Charter and/or ordinance.

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Ad Hoc Committee - 10 Cold Storage Road

At the March 2, 2015 Select Board meeting, the Board established and appointed members to an ad hoc committee to investigate the purchase and potential use of the 10 Cold Storage Road property.  The committee's first meeting was held on Thursday, March 5th. 


Minutes are posted on the Meeting Minutes page.  Future meeting times and agendas will be posted on the home page calendar.


David Schmanska Harbor Master
Daniel Morris Harbor Committee - Commercial Fishing
Bill Mroz Harbor Committee - Recreation Use
Sandra Roak Member-at-large
Jerry Hall Select Board Member


To advise the Town on the various opportunities and projected short-term costs of acquiring the property, and the benefits and concerns.

Deliverables for the Public Hearings on April 9th and 28th

    1. Possible uses for the property
    2. Drawings of 3 possible layouts, to accomplish these uses
    3. Cost of financing purchase
    4. Cost of repairs
    5. Operating costs

Both 4 & 5 will have a range, based on the property uses.

Deliverables if Town Approves Acquisition

    1. Hold Informational Hearings to solicit comments on proposed use(s) of the property
    2. Solicit proposals from consulting firms to assist with the development of a Use and Development Plan


Supporting Documents


    1. January 8th meeting of Boards and Committees: informational handout and minutes
    2. Agenda from the March 10th Meeting (future meeting agendas will be posted on the home page calendar)
    3. Purchase and Sales Agreement for the property
    4. 10 Cold Storage Road PowerPoint Presentation 4/9/2015
    5. Summary/Update 10 Cold Storage Road 2016


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Applications & Forms:

Visit the Applications page to view and print the following, or click on the Mooring Permit Application link below:

Documents & Ordinance

Visit the Documents page to view the following:

  • Coastal Waters Management Ordinance
  • Port Clyde Public Landing Regulations
  • Tenants Harbor Public Landing Regulations
  • Public Access Points Report prepared by CES, Inc, March 07 (10.4 MB file)

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Photo of Port Clyde Public Landing

 Port Clyde Public Landing


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