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Transfer Station

Transfer Station


Timothy C. Polky, Town Manager

Transfer Station

Address: 176 Wallston Road, Tenants Harbor

Phone: 372.6451

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Hours of Operation and Holiday Schedule


Open Tuesday thru Saturday 8:00am to 4:00pm

Closed Sunday and Monday


The facility is closed on government holidays.  Following a holiday, normal business hours apply.

Scope of Services

The Transfer Station provides for safe and efficient disposal of household waste, garden waste, hazardous materials, demolition debris, recyclables and composting.   

Transfer Station stickers are available at the Town Office at no charge.  Stickers must be displayed on the lower front passenger's side of vehicle windshield where it will be visible to the attendant. Please remove all old dump stickers to avoid confusion. If you sell or trade your vehicle please remove the sticker. This will prevent use by non-residents, thereby saving your tax dollars.

Space at the facility is leased to a private second-hand shop operator.


Recycling Makes Cents - YTD 2013 Income and Avoided Cost


Below are the Tons of Material Shipped, Income, Avoided Costs and Total savings generated from Recycling.  


Most items are sold, but glass, asphalt shingles, and gypsum board are exchanged for mixed reclaim. 


Tons of Material Shipped
Avoided Cost
Shipping + Tipping Fees @ $99.32/ton
Total Savings


There is no direct income for exchanged material, the formula for calculating Total Savings is:

   Total Savings = Avoided Cost - (Cost for shipping to CPRC Group - Exchange Value)

   Exchange Value is $16.00/ton


Materials Sold



Materials Exchanged for Mixed Reclaim



The following are returnable and can be taken to the Bottle Room:

  • #1 PETE plastic orange juice, cranberry juice, grape juice, pomegranate juice, etc.
  • #1 PETE plastic and metal/aluminum V-8 juice cans
  • #2 NATURAL plastic orange juice containers
  • #2 NATURAL plastic apple cider containers (for cider not produced in the in Maine).


The following can be recycled:

  • Bubble wrap and Styrofoam "peanuts" can be placed in the cardboard window.


The following items CAN NOT be recycled and should be included in your household garbage:

  • Plastic peanut butter containers - The peanut oils left on the plastic container may cause a peanut allergy.  Note: Glass peanut butter jars along with plastic containers containing peanuts are recyclable.
  • Prescription drug containers - The residue of the prescription drug that may be on the container.
  • Envelopes with bubble wrap attached to the inside of the envelope.
  • Waxed box containers used for chicken broth, soy milk, rice milk, orange juice, etc.


Households can recycle intact CFLs, circline, U-shaped and straight tube bulbs up to 2 feet at the following retail stores:

  • EBS Building Supplies - 103 Maverick Street, Rockland
  • Everett L. Spear Inc. - 10 Payne Ave, Rockland


Regarding plastic bags, Maine statute (Tiitle 36, §1605) states - A retailer may use plastic bags to bag products at the point of retail sale only if the retailer:

  • provides a receptacle for collecting any unused plastic bags; and
  • ensures that the plastic bags collected are recycled or delivered to a person engaged in recycling plastics.

The receptacle should be located inside the retail store or within 20 feet of the main entrance.


In addition to recycling, the Transfer Station supports the REUSE of these items:

  • During the winter months several residents pick the Demo Wood Pile for kindling to take home to burn in their wood stoves and fireplaces.   Other residents pick throughout the year and build picture frames and craft items.
  • The recycled 12 pack egg cartons are picked up weekly by Bowden's Egg Farm in Waldoboro.


We also support community programs

  • Each month a not-for-profit organization boxes up and returns the returnable glass bottles, metal/aluminum cans and plastic bottles donated by you in the Bottle Room and uses the money they receive for their organization.   Interested not-for-profit organizations can sign up at the Town Office.
  • The St. George School participates in the "Box Top Eduction" program.  These pink colored Box Tops can be found on various cereal boxes, butter containers, soup cans, Betty Crocker packages, etc.   Cut the Box Top off the box and bring it to the Transfer Station.

Composting Starts at Home

Mixing Compost


As The Transfer Station continues to improve its handling and treatment of our solid waste,  the community is being asked to increase its participation in recycling and actively support our newest initiative – composting.   

The Transfer Station has created a 30’x30’ composting pad and a convenient self-service compost dropoff bin.  By composting such items as grass clippings, leaves and specified food scraps (greens and fruit are wanted, but not meats, oil, dairy, fish or shellfish shells) the community can reduce its overall Transfer Station costs.  Also, compost can be sold to bring in additional revenue.   This results in a “win” for the environment and a “win” for St. George by saving tax dollars.

For households that already have their own compost bins, we thank you!  For those who are thinking about composting at home, we have provided a Composting Pamphlet and some good informational website links on the right side of this page.    In addition, the Transfer Station is now selling:

    • For kitchen waste - MaxAir Food Scrap Collection Bucket with BioBags ($15)
    • BioBags seperately ($5 for 25 bags)
    • Earth Machine backyard composter ($40)

Filled bags can be dropped off at the Transfer Station Compost Bin (located near the waste drop off area) or used in your home compost.

The following link contains a list of Acceptable and Not Acceptable Products for


The Transfer Station has expanded its capabilities and is now able to accept wet cardboard and waxed cardboard.   These items will then be shredded and mixed in with the other composting materials.  This will have a significant effect on reducing our solid waste.

Please stop by the Transfer Station to see our "new pad", to conveniently purchase your home composting supplies or to drop off your compost material.

Solid Waste & Recycling Committee


Members Term Expires
Ann Marie Merrill 2017
Jane Bracy 2018
Kathryn Johanson 2017
Wendy Carr, Chair 2018
Deborah Wheelock 2017
Raymond Emerson, Alternate 2017
Jan Limmen, Alternate 2017



The Solid Waste and Recycling Committee consists of five voting members with staggered three-year terms. Two alternate members are appointed for one year terms.

The Solid Waste and Recycling Committee is a standing committee and shall perform such duties as defined by Town Charter and any applicable ordinances.

The Recycling and Solid Waste Committee shall develop and maintain an effective recycling program and shall advise on all phases of the municipal solid waste operation.  The Chair shall submit to the Municipal Officers by January 15th of each year a written report of the previous year's activities; the same report to be included in the annual Town Report.


Ad Hoc Transfer Station Committee


Richard Bates, Select Board Representative
Raymond Emerson
Reggie Montgomery
Lawrence Oakes
Ken Oelberger
Tim Polky
John Shea



The Ad Hoc Transfer Station Committee has been charged by the Select Board "to re-examine the issue of disposal fees for commercial and residential users of the Transfer Station, the consequences for operational logistics, costs and tax rate, and make recommendations to the Select Board".

Committee meeting minutes can be found on the Meeting Minutes page.



Documents & Ordinances

Visit the Documents page to view the following:

  • Composting Pamphlet
  • Solid Waste & Recycling Study, March 2012
  • What We Compost List
  • What We Recycle and Fees (pamphlet)
  • What Happened to Your Recyclables in 2009
  • Solid Waste & Recycling Ordinance

Related Information

Solid Waste and Recycling Committee Meeting Minutes

Websites of Interest

Composting Environmental - Protection Agency

Composting Information - State of Maine

Materials for Recycling





Items for Sale

St George Garden Compost

  • Box $3

  • Bobcat Bucket $30

St. George Recycle Bin $5

Food Scrap Bucket & Bags $15

BioBags Only ($5 for 25 bags)

Backyard Composter $40




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